Hotbed Classic Hotbed Classic
Here's what players, coaches, and fans are saying about the Hotbed Classic...
"Best event I have ever been state and out of state! Great atmosphere to play basketball, from the hospitality, fans, and the competition. It was First Class all the way!"
Lemuel Jones - Piney Woods Head Coach - January 22, 2011

"The Hotbed Classic was one of the best tournaments I played in during my high school career."
Romero Dion Osby - April 20, 2010

"Every dollar we raise goes straight back into the community for scholarships and different projects in Union County."
Mike Nobles

"The presense of Butler and Outlaw has drawn more than local interest from basketball fans. Scouts from the New Jersey Nets and Memphis Grizzlies have requested passes for the event."
Mike Nobles

"It felt good, we've never had so many people watch us like that. It was awesome. They were cheering for us even though they didn't know us."
Jackie Butler - McComb

"Man, he is strong! (referring to opponent Jackie Butler) I knew that coming into the game, but it shocked me how strong he was."
Travis Outlaw - Starkville

"It was exciting and the crowd always created a great atmosphere for a high school tournament."
Romero Dion Osby - April 20, 2010

Hotbed Classic
2020 Hotbed Classic Will be 1/25/2020